Our Draughting Team provides design and draughting support (heavy electrical, switchyards, protection, control, communications, building) to the engineering teams.

Tesla has five permanent Draughtspersons based in Hamilton who support our Design Engineers.

Three of these are senior Design Draughtspersons who began working with NZED and have significant experience.  In recent years we have developed our 3D substation drawing techniques and now consistently prepare 3D drawings for substation projects.

Using their years of knowledge and experience our design draughtspersons can take a high level conceptual design prepared by an engineer and dDraughting pic 1evelop the detail required for a project. 

The Tesla draughting team has a strong quality focus and individuals carry out a self check on their own drawings before passing it back to the engineer for his/her engineering check.  Both of these activities take place before the drawings go to a competent senior engineer independent of the design team for the internal QA review.

Tesla is conscious of the need for accurate As-Building of drawings and places a high priority on getting these completed promptly once a request is received.

All of our draughting team are skilled at operating AutoCAD and Raster Design.  Tesla runs a significantly customised AutoCAD system that uses the AutoCAD scripting language, LISP.  These scripts, along with other custom in-house tools, allow our draughting team to populate a set of design drawings from circuit design templates very quickly and without error.  We are also able to extract cable information from drawings to allow a cross check of ferrules and cable core spares, further reducing the chance of errors.

For enquiries regarding our draughting services please contact john.wraight@tesla.co.nz