Training - Generator Protection

027 Upstairs Training Desks

Providing various 2 day training courses on protection theory and application as well as operational "hands on" with Beckwith/SEL relay combinations being used/adopted by the Client.  Included in training agenda:

Day 1 (Engineering/Theory focus)

  1. General introduction.
  2. Plant/relay configuration, e.g., CTs, VTs, Trip group arrangement.
  3. Relay ‘architecture’ and discussion on its increasing importance.
  4. Detailed explanation of applied protection functions, item by item. Cross reference to ‘how’ the function is set in Beckwith and SEL relay. Cross reference to logic diagram build-up which shows ‘how’ the function is user programmed in the SEL relays.
  5. Build up of set protection functions ‘superimposed’ over an example site capability diagram – to be done item by item with the above, (possibly as a class exercise).
  6. Viewing Beckwith event report files using IPSPLOT software; we will look at a few sample trips, specific points to note regarding VT configuration.

 Day 2 (Operations/Engineering focus)

  1. General introduction and overview from Day 1.
  2. Viewing SEL event report files using SEL5601 software; we will look at a few sample trips
  3. Overview of Relay LCD and LED displays, and cross reference to station relay flagging sheets.
  4. Using the relay HMI interface.
  5. Connecting laptop to relay – viewing metered data, target data etc.
  6. Accessing and downloading event report files.
  7. Resetting the relays.
  8. Open question/answer session if time permits
  9. Brief presentation from SEL/Beckwith relay vendors.