Transmission & Distribution

Tesla has been responsible for "Greenfield" and “Brownfield” substation conceptual and detailed designs from 11 kV through to 220 kV and are constantly involved in maintenance upgrades for transmission, distribution and generation clients.  We have undertaken numerous transformer replacements, outdoor to indoor conversions, switchboard replacements, CB/CT/VT replacements, protection and RTU replacements.

We offer specialist skills in the following areas:

  • Project planning
  • Points of supply
  • Zone substations
  • Switchyard layouts and buswork
  • Transformer replacements
  • Switchboard and circuit breaker/current transformer replacements
  • High voltage cables (CYMCAP Software)
  • Earthgrid design (CDEGS(R)  Software)
  • Lightning shielding
  • High impedance neutral earthing
  • Insulation coordination
  • Substation buildings
  • Equipment foundations and mounting stands
  • Low voltage ac and dc systems
  • Arc flash proteciton
  • Battery Substations