2018 Annual Fishing Trip

Tesla staff were eager to return to the Coromandel and enjoy another day out with Mussel Barge Snapper Safaris, and Saturday 7th April saw them enjoying fine weather and calm waters for the 2018 annual fishing trip.

It turned out to be one of the most successful trips in recent years with plenty of fish being landed.  The competition was on!  The eventual winner of the Richard Moore Memorial Fishing Cup for 2018 was Nick Lessing; but only by the very smallest of margins!  When Kevin Corbin landed an obvious competitor to Nick's fish the final weigh-in showed Nick's fish with a winning weight margin of a very small 227grams!  Nicks fish measuring a length of 57cm, weighing 3.859kg; and Kevins 58cm, weighing 3.632kg.  An incredibly close run competition!

nick being presented fishing trophy5

Cup holders:

2018 - Nick Lessing, Snapper 3.86kg

2017 - Graeme Hope, Snapper 2.27kg

2016 - Chris Schinkel, Snapper 1.8kg

2015 - Not contested, bad weather scared us off

2014 - Karen McKell, Snapper 2.59kg

2013 - Paul Rowland, Snapper 1.93kg

2012 - Debbie Ross, Kingfish 7.8kg

2011 - Matt Hall, Kingfish unkown kg but massive!

2010 - Karen McKell, Snapper 3.4kg

2009 - David Harris, Snapper 4kg

2008 - Paul Rowland, Snapper weight not recorded


 Nick winning fish2close run competition